Isbar, also known as Silverudd's Blue, chickens are known for their hardiness, beauty, and egg-laying capabilities.  They are becoming increasingly popular among small farmers, hobbyists, and urban agriculturalists alike.

The Isbar is one of the only chicken breeds to naturally lay green eggs.

Isbar chickens come in 3 main colors, black, blue, and splash. 

They lay around 250 large green eggs per year. Isbars are cold hardy and continue to lay in the cold months.

Isbars are known for their calm and docile temperament, making them great for backyard flocks. They are friendly and curious birds that enjoy human interaction, ours never miss an opportunity to visit with us.

Isbar chickens are very hardy to both the cold and the heat. They are small framed, sleek feathered birds.

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