Garden 101:

Cold Stratification

"Cold stratification is an important step for cold-tolerant plant seeds to break their dormancy in order to germinate. This process helps ensure germination success and consistency."

- Ally Head Gardener @ Boreal Bloom 

Large Radish

MEthod 1: 

Let Mother Nature do the work.  Sowing your seeds in the late fall, before snow and frost, means you have no work to do and you'll be greeted by beautiful little seedlings in the spring!

Method 2:

Cold  Dry Stratification.  During dry stratification, seeds are exposed to temperatures below freezing (32f/0c) for a period of 30-60 days, some even longer! This dry stratification mimics a winter's dormancy period.

Method 3:

Cold Wet Stratification This version of cold stratification mimics snowy or rainy winter conditions. Can be done 2 ways:  - plant the seeds and chill the soil - place the seeds in dampened paper towel before chilling. 

Seed Packets

Your seed packet will tell you if your seeds need a cold stratification! It's best to ensure that you're reading the description when ordering and read all the packages once they arrive to ensure that you'll have time to stratify any seeds that require it.

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