How To Grow Healthier Seedlings With Soil Blocks 

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Allyson Letal

Allyson Letal

Chief Planter + Garden Tender at the Boreal Bloom Homestead 

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Combine ingredients to make the base for soil blocks

Step 1: Make Soil MIX

Slowly add water, testing regularly, water should barely drip when squeezed.

Step 2: Test The Waters

Plunge your soil block tool into the prepared mix firmly to pack in soil mix

Step 3: Push it! 

Blocker is filled when water seeps over the top. Press down firmly and twist blocker to pack outside blocks tightly. 

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Scrape the bottom of the soil blocks!

Step 4: Scrape it! 

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Rinse blocker after every other set of blocks to prevent sticking

Tips + Tricks

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Position blocker in tray and press down to release blocks

Step 5: Hit the eject button!

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Time To Seed!

Place a single seed in each block + cover with moistened soil

Step 6: Drop It!


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Grown from a soil block!

Wishing you a productive garden this year!