Garden 101:

The Importance of Frost Dates

“Knowing your first and last frost dates can make the difference between a thriving garden, and one full of disappointment.”

- Ally Head Gardener @ Boreal Bloom 

Large Radish

Last frost date

is the expected date of the last time temperatures dip below freezing at the beginning of a growing season. This data is incredibly important to know, as it lays the foundation for the garden. It helps gardeners to plan their seed starts and transplant dates.

First frost date

is the expected date of the first frost after the growing season. Knowing this date is important for farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders who need to plan when to harvest their crops.

Frost-free days

is the number of days between the last frost date and the first frost date. Some plants in your garden can grow long before and long after frost dates, tender annuals like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers can only survive in the frost-free season.

Working With frost dates

Frost dates give you an idea of when to start planting and harvesting. Many gardeners enlist a seed starting schedule to help keep them on track.