Soil Blocking:  An Easier Way To Seed Start

Boreal Bloom Homestead

Soil blocking is a novel way of starting seeds, it's a smart but simple solution to a lot of problems! Basically, seed blocking is molding or compressing wet soil into blocks. These blocks act as both the planting medium for the seed and the planting pot.

Here's what you need to get started!

A SOIL BLOCKER:  There are  3 common sizes of soil blockers. They are designed to work in series together.  The most common is 2", but 3/4" and 4" are also available. 

A LARGE FLAT BOTTOMED CONTAINER: A flat bottomed container makes it possible to create well packed soil blocks. 

TRAYS: There are many options for trays on the market - we use 1020 trays with holes punched in the bottom to allow drainage. 

Combine ProMix and potting soil in the container, breaking up any chunks. 


Add water and mix until completely combined. 


Do the squeeze test. Soil blocking mix is ready when water drips out if you're firmly squeezing.


Plunge the soil blocker into prepared mix. Pressing firmly, and twisting back and forth. Soil is sufficiently packed when water seeps over the top. 


Press down firmly and release soil blocks into prepared trays. 


Plant a single seed in each soil block, cover with soil mix and place into humidity dome to germinate. 

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